Fe for Windows

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  • In English
  • Version: 1.0

Cool Game for Platform Fans

Fe is a platform adventure game that presents players with a vast and very detailed world to explore. Players are charged with saving the plants and animals from the Silent Ones and there are plenty of cool characters to interact with.

Getting Back to Nature

One of the great things about Fe is that the natural environment plays a starring role in the game and players are provided with an interesting and unique way of communicating with nature. There are lots of different ways of progressing through the game such as climbing trees, digging and gliding through the air. The large cast of quirky characters helps to add plenty of depth to the game and there is always something new to discover as well as a range of interesting tasks to complete that help to add yet more layers in addition to plenty of intrigue.

Discover a Whole New World

with plenty of side quests to complete and an interesting and engaging storyline, Fe is sure to appeal to a wide range of different types of graphics. The detailed graphics really help to draw players into the game, although at present there are a few small bugs that prevent the game from living up to its full potential.


  • Stunning and immersive graphics
  • Impressive storytelling element


  • Needs a little polishing
  • Can be confusing at times

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